Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent review


The Coleman Montana tent is one of the most popular tents on Amazon and it’s easy to see why.

This 8 person tent is currently priced at under $200 and suits almost any family size.

Keeps Rain Out

This tent is designed to keep rain out. From the awning over the entrance and the angled windows, you can have them all opened without any rain coming in. Coleman uses a patented WeatherTec(TM) System to help keep seams sealed and welded floors to help keep dry. The floor seams are raised as well to help keep out wet or dewy grass in the morning. Although, it is always best to manually seal the seams the first time out.

Most of the reviews state that the inside was able to stay completely dry in any rain situation.


The doors are hinged with velcro which lets you save wear and tear on the zippers when going in and out of the tent.

Even thought the images don’t show it clearly enough, you can fit a couple of camp chairs under the rain fly and sit comfortably in the rain. Depending on your height you can even stand under the rain fly.

A queen air mattress can fit inside the tent, but it may be a bit of a squeeze to get it through the door, you may want to inflate it inside the tent.

There is great air flow with the top mesh and windows near the top, which is key for hot summer days.


Other Notes

It weighs about 30 pounds which makes it a little heavier than the competition, but perfectly fine for car camping.

The tent is sized for 8 people, but a family of 6, two adults and 4 smaller children with gear is about the maximum for comfort.

At the current price, under $200, this is hard to beat for your summer getaways, or scout camping trips. To see more information, click the link 8-person Coleman tent.


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